Online advertising

If you don't know anything about Google Ads or have no experience with Google Ads, we promise that your Google Ads will change your business. When you advertise on Google, your website will appear on the first page of Google with special keywords. You only pay for every click on your website. In other words, you pay for every customer that enters the website from Google.

Google Ads:
You can start at the lowest possible cost. For example, you can only set costs of € 10 per day.
You can see which keywords the customers are using to enter your website. You only pay when a customer actually enters your website. Google (the world's leading search engine) reports your customer login on your website.

If you've already served ads on Google or had a failed experience:
The importance of ad quality to Google and Google's auction system may not be easy for everyone to understand, or there may not be enough time to set up your campaign. Working with the world's largest advertising company (Google) is of course not harmful at all, as long as you work with experts and act according to Google's taste.


Facebook & Instagram Ads:

Facebook and Instagram are still the best places to promote your business to consumers. There are many advertising opportunities on Facebook and Instagram. It is very important that you start your promotion with a well-designed strategy that will give you more impressions of your offer. It is possible to invest very little at the beginning of the campaign and then invest again when there are enough website clicks and conversions.
Both Facebook and Instagram can address customers in detail based on their demographic characteristics, their interests, or their location. Whether you are a local grocery store, an online store, or a large company, this is a perfect platform to improve your business and generate more leads and revenue. Astroper can help you with this by setting the entire campaign and creating a fascinating and wonderful advertisement. Please contact us and benefit from a free consultation.

What is advertising on Instagram & Facebook?

It is the ideal time to advertise on Instagram & Facebook as the cost of advertising on Instagram has not yet reached its true price and is still very affordable. But one can assume that the price of Instagram ads will skyrocket soon. What are the benefits of advertising on Instagram & Facebook?

• You don't have to wait for your customers.
• It is very efficient and you can adjust and regulate the number of your customers in order to get only as many customers as you can serve.
• It is very effective in introducing the brand.
• It is not comparable to billboard advertising in terms of cost.
• All types of businesses can use it.

How can Astroper marketing help us advertise on Social media?


We suggest you have an online marketing plan at first. This would let us go deep and find more information about your current situation online. the most important issue in the online advertisement is increasing your customer engagement and conversion. We will:

  • Find your audience interest and a correct target group

  • Select the correct type of campaign to maximize conversion

  • Setting your budget and optimize it with CBO

  • Designing your ads

  • setting up the ads for different placements

  • Selecting the right keywords

  • Daily checking and optimizing

  • Weekly Report and analysis.

Are you interested to advertise online?