What is motion design?

Motion design (also called 'motion graphics') is an audiovisual discipline based on graphic design and typography. In other words, animation vectors are animated with graphics software based on a specific scenario, and speech output by the speaker is performed on motion graphics so that the concepts are fully conveyed.


Why motion design?

Nowadays it is expensive to record a professional video with actors. Motion design is an easy and quick way to showcase your business skills or explain the function of anything. You can present your company's workflow of how you want users to download your app. How can they buy from your online shop? or even raise children with it. Order your first movement design now.


Applications of motion design:

If you want to produce your own video, you definitely need a camera, lighting, microphone, and actors, as well as video editing software. With motion design, on the other hand, all you really need is the editing software and audio, as the rest of the work is done by the computer. Therefore, the cost of motion design projects is lower. And not only that, they are usually also visually more attractive. The applications of motion design include the creation of advertising teasers and two-dimensional animations, as well as the presentation of products or services, advertising ideas, educational programs, etc.

Animation & character design

Applications of animation in business:

Characters and animations go a long way in making your audience remember your name much easier. You can have your own character that is similar to your logo and designed specifically for your business. This character can reveal different feelings. In the world of advertising and marketing, it is important to adapt your advertising to real events or seasons. Your corporate character can help you advertise on these occasions by changing clothes or poses.
Imagine if your corporate character advertises your travel tours in summer while wearing a bathing suit and ski clothing in winter. This will attract more customers to your offer, while the character is much easier to remember than text or even photos.

This is how I born

Our current project:



Albino is a project base on a very ancient story. A boy with white hair, the white demon, a rebellious young girl, and thirty fat birds; A group of outcasts set out to re-enter society, but their solutions are not the same.

We love to make it and hope you love it. Keep up to date with the history of Albino.

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