Important points when designing an online shop:

An online branch lives from marketing and customer acquisition. That is why Astroper Marketing has developed special solutions for the design of your online branch:

• SEO based store site design

• Responsive store site design (mobile version)

• Good site graphics

• Simple user interface for a great user experience (UX)

• The ability to control the price of goods and services and issue special discounts in the online shop

• Comprehensive sales statistics

• Weekly, monthly, or yearly online payment methods



Is it necessary to design an online shop?


If you don't want to be left behind in the business world, you should set up an online shop. The growth of online sales of goods and services on the Internet today is so great that if you move late, you will have no place in the 'market of tomorrow'.

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Before / After

By optimizing and updating your marketing and advertising system, you will become better known and you can reach more customers. You would save so much time by automating CRM and spending more time on business development.

Websites & Online Shops
Marketing funnel automation

Finding new customers is very challenging, time-consuming, and seems very difficult every time. However, there are a few techniques that can save you a lot of time and energy. This means that you can automate all steps of customer relationships and email marketing campaigns. It is possible to connect your website to the automated email marketing system. When a new customer visits the website and submits the information, they will receive a series of emails promoting your product or service. It is possible to plan this procedure based on customer behavior. It is also possible to segment customers according to their interests and follow them up with a new email campaign. We strongly recommend using an automated email marketing system to save time and energy.

We will plan all customer journeys and plan to receive emails. This is how behind the scenes it looks like.

How does it work?

John visits your website and submits his email address

The automatic email marketing system gets John's email and base on his interest sends him an offer email every day. 

The Offers in the emails, attract John's attention and he will come back to your website to purchase

Your sale will increase. You can inform John about your new products and bring him back again.

Are you interested in having your own Website, Web shop &
Email marketing system?