Digital campaign planning versus marketing plan


A marketing plan is the most important part of promoting your business. The first and most important step is to identify your target audience and address the right audience. This is important when you want to create ads for specific groups like men, women, or a specific location. At Astroper, we place great emphasis on realizing your audience and your future customers. In the next steps, we are planning both online and offline advertising and marketing solutions.
Digital campaigns need to be planned before you start advertising. unless you were going to lose a lot of money without accomplishing a goal. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or other social media advertising platforms are very powerful. However, you need your knowledge and experience to know what type of ads to use and how to create different campaigns to retarget users.
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Marketing planning

Here is an example of digital campaign planning

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What does the online marketing plan include?
  • Analysis of your current website & social media status

  • Finding the right audience

  • Plan the right strategy

  • Choosing the right advertising channel

  • Choosing the right advertising material & design

  • Budget planning and weighting

  • Phase plan & to-dos

Are you interested in having your own marketing plan or a digital campaign plan?
What does the full marketing plan include?
  • Analysis of your current website and social media status

  • Finding the right audiences and their value

  • Planning a correct strategy for each target group

  • Ranking of target audiences and planning campaigns based on target audience value.

  • Developing strategies for online and offline advertising

  • Planning of workshops, events, trade fairs, and sales promotions.

  • Budget planning for each campaign and weighting

  • Phase plan & to-dos

  • Lead generation and retargeting planning