Although content production is expensive, Astroper Marketing can significantly reduce your production costs while maintaining the same quality. If you are to take internet marketing seriously, you need to know that content production is sort of a premier class. Thanks to Astroper Marketing's great variety of skills, we can complete any job for you at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.

Astroper marketing standards in content creation:

Basics: Original content only. Contents are not copied in any way.

Content creation: Content written for you can be based on translations as well as newly written texts. A combination of both is possible.

SEO Editor: All texts written for the website are checked and optimized in terms of SEO by the Astroper Marketing Review Team

Copywriting & SEO


Search engine optimization


Compliance with SEO tips for content production:

• Every piece of content contains at least one picture
• Correct punctuation
• The density of the focus keyword and secondary keywords is carefully weighed
• Good wording is used to make it easier to read
• Headlines: Use of keywords in the headlines
• Use of relevant keywords in the first paragraph

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